Trump’s post-acquittal presser will trigger the haters


President Trump spoke at a press conference today, calling the impeachment “evil,” His supporters will love the speech and the haters will be triggered.

The President went through the events of the past three years as he experienced them, and said the impeachment was “BS, “ saying the complete word.

He mocked the nasty duo of Page and Strzok and complained that nothing happened to Hillary after the illicit things she has done.

The President said the people who went after him are the “dirtiest people he has ever seen.” They were “leakers, liars, dirty cops.”

President Trump referred to Comey as “sleazy,” saying if he hadn’t fired him, he might not be standing here.

He said he doesn’t appreciate people who use their religion as an excuse for doing what they know is wrong [Romney] or people who say they are praying for you when you know they aren’t [Pelosi].

His family was in attendance as he held up the front cover of the Washington Post which headlined, simply, in emboldened caps, “ACQUITTED.” He thanked his family and apologized for what they had to go through. Loud applause followed from the supporters in the room, which included his legal team.

Bret Baier commented afterward that it was a very different tone from Bill Clinton’s comments after his case was over. He said it’s “unlike anything we’ve ever seen!”  Baier made a point of saying Clinton apologized. Host Harris Faulkner noted that Clinton did lie.

Actually, Clinton committed 11 felonies. Trump did not commit a crime, despite Democrats attempting to make him guilty of a thought crime.

President Trump said he didn’t know if another president could have put up with what he has gone through. He added that he is happy he did because it has done so much for the American people. With that, he briefly talked about the economy.

The best is yet to come — if the Democrats don’t succeed in their endless impeachment.


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