Record Turnouts in Georgia Voters, Jim Crow Is Officially a Lie


Fox News reports that there is another record turnout in voters in Georgia. Does that mean the Jim Crow lie will end? We can only hope so. Democrats, especially Stacey Abrams keep accusing Republicans of “Jim Crow” laws keeping voters away. It’s a lie. Ironically, Democrats are the people who instituted the horrific Jim Crow laws.

I saw this first at The Liberty Daily.

Continued record voter turnout in Georgia following the Biden administration’s lawsuit against the state alleging racist voting practices and the president’s accusation that the system is “Jim Crow 2.0” has at least one Georgia election official looking for an apology from the administration.

“How many turnout records do we have to break before Stacey Abrams and President Biden apologize to Georgia?” Gabriel Sterling, Chief Operating Officer of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, told Fox News Digital in a statement Friday after his office released numbers showing a continued surge in voting in the Peach State.

The state of Georgia has experienced a record early voting turnout since the first day of early voting began on Monday, Georgia’s Secretary of State Office said in a press release this week

The press release said that just under 400,000 voters have cast their ballots so far and Wednesday’s total number marks a 63% increase from the same time during the 2018 midterm and is just slightly lower than the three-day total of early voting from the 2020 presidential election.

Hopefully they are all legitimate voters.

Stacey Abrams looks like such a silly liar. That whole voter fraud and voting rights mantra is exposed for what it is.

She wants the unqualified voters to have the right to vote. She has called for foreigners to vote.

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1 year ago

You only have record turnouts when things are going really good and people want to the prosperity continue, or when things are really bad and people want a change.

Democrats and RINOs stay in power by keeping things mediocre so they can stuff ballot boxes. When President Trump got record turnout, Democrats had to stuff so many Ballot Boxes the Fraud was Apparent. Voting in America, even when you have to register, show residency, and show your Voter Registration and Picture ID on election day, is not hard. You just have to want to vote. Democrats and RINOs don’t want you to vote because when you vote that means there are less votes available to steal.

There will be record turnout this election because voters are reminded just how big of a failure Democrats and RINOs are every time they go to the Pump or every time they go to the Grocery.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Truth! What is truth? Don’t ask a Democrat, they don’t know truth even when the evidence is looking into their dull hypnotised eyes.