Records Released on the Death of Obama’s Chef – Bad Look for Secret Service


The case of Obama’s chef, Tafari Campbell, continues to be very curious. Judicial Watch received 31 pages of records in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit from the Department of Homeland Security. It shows that the companion who witnessed Mr. Campbell’s drowning is a woman named Ms. Taylor.

She reported: ”[Campbell] fell in the water and struggled for a couple of seconds before giving up and sinking underwater.”

A couple of seconds?

The reason this has been kept so secretive appears to be due to the performance of the Secret Service. When they went to rescue or to search for Mr. Campbell, they couldn’t get their boats to work. They ended up using the groundskeeper’s boat.

A July 24 report from a Secret Service agent whose name is redacted reveals that Campbell’s paddleboarding companion said: “Ms. Taylor stated that Mr. Campbell was not wearing a life jacket and had no personal flotation devices aboard the paddle board at the time of the incident.”

A separate report said Campbell’s companion “collapsed on the ground and stated that Tafari had drowned. She stated that he fell in the water and struggled for a couple of seconds before giving up and sinking underwater.”

The relationship of Ms. Taylor to Mr. Campbell is not mentioned.

The agent described how a supervisory agent and another agent” attempted to start one of the boats but had difficulties lowering the motor. The agent relating the story ran to grab the keys from a post and sprinted back to the boats. Something similar happened with the second boat. They finally took the groundskeeper’s boat.

So, the boats didn’t work, or the Secret Service agents didn’t know how to make them work or didn’t have keys, and the man was drowning or had drowned. That’s not a good look.

In August 2023, Judicial Watch released records from the Police Department that showed the Secret Service found Campbell’s body using sonar. The records also detail his clothing was found separate from the body and that he was not wearing a life vest.

There was no evidence of foul play.

Mr. Campbell leaves behind a wife and twin boys.


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2 months ago

Barry’s boyfriend went down for the last time.

2 months ago

He didn’t know how to swim. Wasn’t wearing a life vest. SS agents didn’t know how to operate 2 boats. Friend made no attempt to rescue him. Sounds like incompetence all around.

2 months ago