RED ALERT: Resist ALL Temptation


RED ALERT: Resist ALL Temptation

by Floy Jackson

The Left is salivating over rumblings of some Republican voters calling for a new 3rd party.  Cackling witches on CNN, MSNBC are practically in vapors over the prospect because they know nothing will more assure a DNC sweep in 2022 and 2024 than a fractured Republican electorate.

Despite how gloomy the prospects over the next 4 years, there is at present a GOLDEN opportunity WeThePpl must not squander.  Yes, we know every Democrat is a member of The Party of Treason.  But never before have we been privy to knowing, FOR SURE, the identity of EVERY Great Betrayer within the GOP.

A new MAGA Trump party will most certainly fail however, a MAGA Trump Republican faction of the GOP will sweep the House, the Senate, AND THE WHITE HOUSE.  They are trying to impeach this man again for one reason only; to keep him from running again.  They are TERRIFIED of that because they know there will be no COVID 2.0; they KNOW he and those who support him, who run with him will sweep the board.

The Jan.11 article right here in the Independent Sentinel highlighted the words of Rep. Gaetz: “there’s a secret GOP anti-Trump cabal in Congress.” Many of these betrayers come as no surprise but, we sure now know the identity of each and every Great Betrayer in the Republican Party.  Going forward, IT IS OUR DUTY to see that every one of them is removed from power, primaried by a solid, MAGA Trump Republican.

History: Best Predictor

When fledgling America, with a rag-tag, the amateur army took on the mightiest empire in the world, their chances looked bleak at best.  General Washington learned early on, full-on face to face combat was a losing strategy. Instead, he concentrated on strategic, guerilla warfare; you know the rest.

That said, there is NO WAY America could ever have won the Revolutionary War if Washington had an army packed with Benedict Arnolds. And that, my fellow Americans, is what we have been up against for decades. We have been engaged in political warfare with the majority of our, “soldiers,” covertly working for the other side.

It is time every betrayer be sent packing; every courageous hero that has stood with our America First movement, who defied the GOP cabal standing in support of our president, be elevated into leadership positions.  And we have the best possible Commander in Chief who has suffered nonstop attacks, who was subjected to constant torment and betrayals from every side yet, he never stopped fighting for us, for America, for We The People.

But First Things First…

Roll up your sleeves and get busy.  There must be a complete overhauling of our voting systems.  Over the past 50 YEARS, the DNC has honed dozens of methods of fraud in ever-growing numbers.  For many years they have successfully stolen seats all over the country and, worse still, Republicans have known this and done nothing to stop them.

Begin by contacting, True the Vote (or like organization) in your state.  If you don’t have one, START one.  Take your group to meet with your state legislators and DEMAND our voting systems be secured. Fortunately, as the DNC and DS concentrated at the head of the ticket, many strong MAGA GOP state legislators were swept into office.

Some key demands:

  • Paper ballots; NO computers, NO thumb drive receptacles; NO internet abilities
  • CLEAN voter rolls
  • Election DAY, not days, weeks, months
  • Automatic 10-year sentence for any form of fraud, voter manipulation incl interfering with observers

There has been plenty of research into the most reliable method of voting. The majority of that research concurs, the method with the least potential of fraud is the paper ballot. That applies to several foreign nations most of whom have banned mail-in voting.

The Left has used ridiculous excuses to prevent voter photo ID’s. The assertion that Black Americans do not already possess photo ID’s or are incapable of obtaining one is beyond insulting. In fact, it is the worst form of bigotry: racism by low expectation.  Photo ID’s are required for entrance into every DNC event.

Now Get Busy…..

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paranoid goy
paranoid goy
3 years ago

Can anybody show me the difference between a “political party” and a mafia gang? Can anyone show me a “political theory” (or economics theory, same diffs) that is not a religion?
I sympathise with the author’s “safer approach than 3rd party”, but I think it would be better to disband all parties of all sorts. That would get rid of PACS (what evil is that?) and every participant will be watching every other participant, with no party loyalties or hivemind to obscure corruption.
The world is being taken over by a criminal cabal who hate Mankind, and even those supposedly fighting that enemy, insist on doing it from racist, classist, theist standpoints. All standpoints they were given by…the enemy.
The one that formulated their malnutrition as babies, inculcated them with self-hatred in primary school (overpopulation mythology) and then imbued them with worthlessness in high school (why do I see so many internet videos of white American boys mutilating their own reproductive organs?) before they are inducted into death cults while studying useless degrees (gender studies etc,) at for-profit institutions that specially create nonsense degrees (ditto) in fields where there are no real jobs for real people that pay real salaries to pay of the very real debt they made learning underwater basketweaving techniques for three years?
By the way, how many of us Goyim still pay 10% rent, I mean tithes to the god we rented from them?

Scott J
Scott J
3 years ago

Count me in, but the GOP needs to self-impose term limits for members and also have party members be subject to recall if they betray their party and constituents (call this the Sases-Romney rule).

The Spokesman
The Spokesman
3 years ago
Reply to  Scott J

Why in the name of God are we talking about future elections, as long as domestic and foreign interference rigged this one.
It’s done, communism implemented globally.
See Maria Zack interview about Italy’s involvement. YouTube keeps removing it.
Search and find it:
If removed, see on bitchute, rumble or vimeo.