Red Bill will boycott McDonald’s until they raise the minimum wage


Mayor Bill de Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm, said at a union rally in Des Moines, Iowa Thursday that he and his presidential campaign team — all six of them — are going to boycott McDonald’s until the fast food chain pays a $15 minimum wage to its workers. Does he really think anyone will care?

“We’re not going to McDonald’s anymore until McDonald’s addresses these issues! No one from my campaign is going to McDonald’s anymore until McDonald’s respects working people,” he vowed.

Commie De Blasio is in Iowa with his teeny little six-member campaign team trying to drum up some support for his already-failed presidential bid.

Warren made the pledge at a planned labor strike with Des Moines and Cedar Rapids employees in front of a McDonald’s on Thursday.

More than 100 workers, clad in red shirts that read “Unions For All,” stood in front of the McDonald’s on Merle Hay Road in Des Moines, demanding increased wages and a chance to unionize. They chanted things like: “We work! We sweat! Want $15 on our checks” and “Hold the pickles, hold the fries. Make my wages super-sized.”

The New York City commie likes to put businesses out of business. He is currently in the business of banning furriers and putting 100 of them out of business in New York City. He mandated higher wages and has put so many regulations on New York City businesses, that many can’t survive. It’s very business unfriendly in New York City but it’s illegal alien friendly. As you might guess, he’s destroying the city.


De Blasio is dumb. He truly believes he’s going to affect the climate with meatless Mondays. It’s brainwashing in stupidity.



  1. Did anyone tell him that the $15.00 minimum wage isn’t working out as well as they thought it would? He’s such an arrogant, narcissistic fool.

  2. The problem isn’t low minimum wage. The problem is that too many greedy employers (especially corporations) refuse to pay workers any more than absolutely necessary.

    • “cosmosmith”, I could explain it to you, but I couldn’t make you understand it.
      Start with who gets to set the wage any job is worth, then branch out to who owns the business via their investment in money, time and hard work to build the business to the point they can hire any employees.
      That’s the point the left is missing, its not the employees who get to set what a job is worth. If they don’t like the pay, find another job. In this economy, there are plenty of jobs available.

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