Red Bull CEO stands up to movement to back BLM


The Austrian Red Bull boss fired top US executive team for “leaking internal documents showing some employees are furious at the company’s failure to address Black Lives Matter.”

North America chief executive Stefan Kozak and North America president and chief marketing officer Amy Taylor were let go, the company said Tuesday.

Both Kozak and Taylor are said to have pushed for more diversity and inclusion.

A third executive, head of global culture marketing Florian Klaass, has also left the energy drink brand after she allegedly approved a ‘racist’ slide shown in a meeting.

“We reject racism in every form, we always have, we always will,” Red Bull says

Red Bull’s global boss Dietrich Mateschitz, 76, is a Trump admirer who has spoken out against ‘political correctness.’


The Daily Mail seems to think that’s a bad thing but we think the bad thing is Black Lives Matter, a predominantly white leftist organization funded by George Soros with $33 million. It’s a good slogan but the organization is an anti-cop, anti-capitalism Marxist organization.

Sources told Business Insider that Red Bull’s top executives in Austria are thought to have fired Kozak and Taylor in ‘retaliation’ for the leak, although no official reason was given for their departure.

That sounds reasonable to me.

The letter signed by more than 300 employees had criticized the company for “saying nothing” amid the global anti-racism protests and ‘abandoning the communities we claim to support and foster in their time of greatest need.”

They can support black people without going along with a communist movement.

Both Kozak and Taylor have pushed for more diversity and inclusion but Taylor was ‘met with opposition’ when she called for the company to take a more public stand on racism, The Wall Street Journal reports.

It is nice to see someone fight the communist movement.  It is amazing how corrupting and widespread this BLM movement is. They are bullies and thugs who are fooling a lot of innocent people.

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