Red California Tells Religious Clerics What to Teach Their Flock


There is a new resolution in California, ACR 99, and while it has no legal force, it strongly suggests what religious leaders must teach when confronted with gender issues — the oh so many and ever-increasing genders. it passed the Assembly and heads for the State Senate.

The California State Assembly, ruled by the 76% Democrat membership, passed it on June 24th. The resolution ignores the separation of church and state rule so vigorously enforced on those who are religious. It proposes that all religious leaders affirm LGBTQ lifestyles [that word is considered verboten since their lifestyles are to be considered run of the mill] and oppose “conversion therapy.”

Conversion therapy, by the way, now means any therapy for people who don’t want to be LGBT anything.

It’s not a mandate yet, but it’s the camel’s nose under the tent. It’s a subtle change to values from traditional to Marxist. The ruling elite, with permanent power over government, wants the people to accept the illogical on their own so no one has to fine or imprison them down the road.

Antonio Gramsci, Cali’s new god

Gramsci would be so proud if he could watch the Marxist march through our institutions as he forecast.

Democratic presidential candidate, the ‘moderate’ Pete Buttigieg who wants reparations, Medicare for All, open borders, and more, knows all about Gramsci. His father Joseph, who died in January, was a Marxist professor who was a founding member and president of the International Gramsci Society. The organization aims to spread Gramsci’s word. Italian communist Antonio Gramsci was a protègé of Vladimir Lenin’s. Buttigieg senior also loved the Communist Manifesto.

Getting back to the new resolution. It’s about letting the people buy into this crazy ideology without using force. There is no scientific evidence for all these genders. There is no common sense involved and it defies the history of mankind but you will accept it since the forces of communication, education, and government institutions say you must.

If you don’t do it, LGBTQs might be depressed or kill themselves. You will be guilty, religious people, and they are targeting you!

You don’t want to defy public opinion, do you?

We predict that there are worse things to come.


  • California needs to be excommunicated from the United States–at least its government needs to unrecognized. This just gets crazier and crazier by the day.

  • American decadence well on its way. Like the Roman Empire, the US empire is crumbling and there is no hope to redress the situation unless the patriotic Americans will take things into their own hands and finish with this corruption

  • I was in Vietnam in 1970-71 and in Iran up to the time the Shah was exiled by the Islamists.(Thanks Jimmy Carter.) In both cases I witnessed how a small number of violent leftists can dominate the “silent majority”. We are so far gone I can’t see a return to traditional American values without conflict with these kooks.

  • This is not the world I was raised in by a father who was a member of the Greatest Generation. He served in the Navy for 26 years and absolutely loved his country and his God above all else and instilled those values in his daughter. We lived in San Diego in the 50’s when CA was still a pretty decent place to live. It is very difficult to see how far left the state has moved.

  • Ditch these churches now and home church or meet with friends casually. Do not org. another church or get a 501c3. 501’s are gov. controlled and clergy are muzzled. Social clubs and apostate to the core. Corp religion that has gen assemblies, hierarchies, or councils tells them what they cannot preach on.

  • Any Christian religious leader who succumbs to state guidance on how to teach and inform his flock on the word of God and Jesus Christ is no longer a Christian. End of story, no debate.