REDHOT! Soros-Funded Group Warns Advertisers Could Pull Ads From All of Fox News


David Brock
David Brock

Media Matters, the George Soros-funded website, is run by David Brock who spearheaded the firing of Bill O’Reilly, as we reported here. They are currently reporting that advertisers demand much more from Fox News or they will withdraw from all of Fox News.

It’s part of the well-planned War on Fox.

The leftists have been successful in destroying the head honchos and now they are going to bully advertisers into pulling ads from the station completely.

Media Matters President Angelo Carusone says that advertisers are concerned that this (sexual harassment complaints against O’Reilly and Ailes) is reflective of a bigger epidemic at Fox News and they want action beyond just firing O’Reilly. From Carusone:

And what they’re hearing, it’s not just about Bill O’Reilly. The advertisers are deeply concerned that this is reflective of a bigger epidemic at Fox News and rightfully so given one of the co-presidents was very much involved in the cover-ups against the people that came forward against Roger Ailes, as well as the women that have come forward against Bill O’Reilly and they re-signed a contract with Bill O’Reilly knowing full well. So the advertising community is not just saying this is about O’Reilly.

They are gearing up to drop Fox. So that’s what the executives at Fox News are dealing with. They are dealing with a long-term and a short-term business crisis. And so they don’t really have a choice anymore.

Please understand that with Ailes and O’Reilly gone, whether they deserved it or not, the rest will be easy pickings. Since the leftist have the power to bully advertisers into dropping O’Reilly – the guy who didn’t have a trial – they are now completing the end game in the war on Fox, which is to end all conservative reporting.

Soon, the only voice you will hear is the left’s, mostly the hard-left’s.

Lawrence O’Donnell, a deceitful far-left reporter for MSNBC is giving this audience. The hard-left New York City advocate Letitia James has asked for an independent investigation in New York and announced it on O’Donnell’s program. Since the Communist mayor has it out for O’Reilly and Fox, you can be sure she will get it.

Media Matters is also predicting Republican-leaning Bill Shine will go.

Also on the hit list are Hannity, Bolling, Carlson.

A truly wacky ultra conservative, who has been stalking Sean Hannity for ten years – Debbie Shlussel – accused Hannity of sexual harassment. Last week, puff pieces appeared in several left-wing outlets claiming Tucker Carlson and Eric Bolling are racists and sexists.

The following is a list of all or almost all advertisers who pulled out of Bill O’Reilly’s show, The O’Reilly Factor.

If you click on the name, it will take you to the contact page. Republicans need to start fighting back. Politely tell them you what you think because they are about to go after the entire Fox News network and silence the right.

  1. Advil/Prizer
  2. Ainsworth Pet Nutrition
  3. Allergan
  4. Allstate
  5. All State Products Group
  6. Amica Insurance
  7. Ancestry
  8. Angie’s List
  9. Bamboo HR
  10. Bayer
  11. Been Verified
  12. BMW
  13. Coldwell Banker
  14. Car Fax
  15. Constant Combat
  16. Consumer Cellular
  17. Credit Karma
  18. Eli Lily & Co.
  19. Eliquis
  20. Esurance
  21. Glaxo-Smith Kline
  22. Good RX
  23. H&R Block
  24. Hyundai
  25. Infiniti
  26. Invisalign
  27. Jaquar
  28. Jenny Craig
  29. Land Rover
  30. Laser Spine Institute
  31. Legal Zoom
  32. Lexus
  33. Mahindra
  34. Mattress Firm
  35. Mercedes
  36. MileIQ
  37. Mitsubishi
  38. Moberg Pharma AB
  39. My Pillow was a maybe
  40. Next Day Blinds
  41. Old Dominion Freight Line
  42. Orkin
  43. Pacific Life
  44. Peloton
  45. Propane Council
  46. Proudly Propane
  47. Reddi-wip
  48. Ring
  49. Rollins Inc
  50. Sanofi Consumer Healthcare
  52. S.N.Hampshire University
  53. (The) Society for Human Resource Management
  54. Stanley Steemer
  55. Subaru
  56. The Wonderful Company
  57. Touchnote
  58. T. Rowe Price
  59. True Car
  60. UNTUCKit
  61. Vision Works
  62. Voya
  63. Weather Tech
  64. Wayfair

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