Redstate Lawmakers Move to Remove Joe Biden from the Ballot


Republican state lawmakers are drafting legislation to remove President Joe Biden from ballots in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, Breitbart News reported Friday.

If Biden is removed from the ballots, the president will have difficulty winning the Democrat primary and presidential election. Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania are vital swing states.

Ken Paxton has already said he is also considering removing Biden from the ballot in Texas. Biden, like Donald Trump, has not been convicted of any crimes. However, unlike Donald Trump, he is destroying our sovereignty, aiding and abetting child sex trafficking, adult trafficking, and drug trafficking, and endangering the lives and security of Americans by not vetting millions who could be terrorists and criminals.

Despite that, even Biden doesn’t qualify for removal under the 14th Amendment.

This happens when four justices in Colorado decide to destroy the rule of law with arbitrary political rulings.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

The justices claim they are getting death threats. I doubt it. One was already been found to be unfounded.

This Is What Our Ivy Leagues Turn Out

The four justices responsible for the Colorado ruling removing Donald Trump from the ballot are Richard L. Gabriel, Melissa Hart, Monica Márquez, and William W. Hood III. Each of these justices was appointed by Democratic governors, as were the three who did not vote to remove Donald Trump.

Justice Richard L. Gabriel, a Yale University and University of Pennsylvania Law School alumnus, was appointed to the Colorado Supreme Court in June 2015. His tenure has not been without controversy. In 2021, he was accused of harassment by a female law clerk, according to the Denver Post.

University of Pennsylvania Law School motto: Laws without morals are useless.

Justice Melissa Hart, a Harvard Law School graduate, joined the Colorado Supreme Court in December 2017. Before her appointment, she was a professor at the University of Colorado Law School. Hart was implicated in a discrimination lawsuit filed by a black job applicant at the Supreme Court, which was eventually dismissed, according to the Daily Mail. Michele Brown had alleged that Hart and other judges were guilty of racial and age discrimination for not selecting her for a rules attorney position.

Harvard’s motto: Truth.

Justice Monica Márquez, who attended Stanford University and Yale Law School, made history as the first Latina and openly gay justice on the Colorado Supreme Court with her appointment in 2010. Her decision in the Trump ballot case has been criticized as being influenced more by political leanings than legal merit.

Yale’s motto: Light and Truth; Stanford’s motto: Truth and Service.

Justice William W. Hood III, a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, was appointed in January 2014. The Post Millennial was quick to point out that every Colorado justice involved in the decision to disqualify Trump from the ballot is an alumnus of a prestigious East Coast university.

University of Virginia motto: Virtue and Knowledge.

These Ivy Leagues need to be investigated by some higher agency.



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2 months ago

The right leaning states should NOT do the same to Biden.