Referendum Held in Russian-Occupied Territories of Ukraine


Allegedly, Russian proxies overseeing the referendums in occupied areas of Ukraine Friday have begun intimidating citizens who remain in war-torn areas, forcing them to “vote.”

Occupying regional officials in Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson began voting Friday on whether Ukrainians in the occupied regions will allegedly decide to secede from Ukraine and join Russia – a process Western nations have called a “sham.”

According to one local Ukrainian official in Luhansk, Russian proxies, accompanied by “armed men,” have begun knocking on people’s doors to force them to vote.

Allegedly, it’s a large turnout. The people in the voting queue are waving Russian flags in the clip below. A lot of people in the region are of Russian descent.

One Twitter user said the only question is whether the vote will be 99% or 99.9% to join Russia.

We were wondering if Dominion loaned their machines to the Russians. We’re joking and don’t know the truth about what is happening there. There are a lot of Russians who would prefer to join Russia. Many residents don’t like President Zelensky or the Nazis in the East, however many there are. How many residents don’t like Zelensky, we can’t say.

Here are some pro-Ukrainian supporters:

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Dave Huff
Dave Huff
7 days ago

Horse manure!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
7 days ago

I do not believe any such report from Faux News.

The USA tried to force us to get the poison jab, Russia trying to force people to vote is infinitesimally mild compared to that. Ukraine treats Russians with scorn, Russia knows it will win these referendums just based on that.

Ukraine banned all opposition. Of course Ukraine does not support free opinions so oppose this vote.

7 days ago

I suspect this a Russian Propaganda Campaign for internal use in Russia. The areas are already pro-Russian or he wouldn’t have the vote. With a vote to be Russian he can go to the Russian People and say that Russia has a moral obligation to free theses people from the tyranny of Ukraine.