Refugee resettlement, meatpackers and Biden are changing America


For over a decade, Ann Corcoran has followed the march of corporate greed in their quest to change America by changing the people. Ms. Corcoran has collected information about “the meatpacking industry (Big Poultry too) changing the heartland with its greedy desire for a cheap and plentiful supply of immigrant labor.”

If you object, they will call you a racist, but the fact is the people coming are not adapting to our way of life. They are here to replace us with their culture.

Meatpackers, CAIR praise Biden’s recent increase of refugees (during a pandemic). They want cheap labor.

The meatpackers “praised President Biden’s decision Monday to increase the number of refugees admitted to the United States — 62,500, up from the Trump administration’s 15,000.”

In an email to The Hagstrom Report, the Meat Institute said, “President Biden’s decision to increase the number of refugees is positive news for the meat and poultry industry. Meatpackers and processors have employed those in the refugee community because they are hardworking and dependable. Finding a stable workforce is always a challenge….


In 2020, the Los Angeles Times noted that the meatpacking industry is dependent on refugees as employees.

Refugee contractors work closely with Big Meat to help them acquire a steady supply of workers.

In all this, there is no consideration of whether the people coming will adapt to our way of life or change who we are.

Americans no longer choose who comes into the country. Greedy people do.

Read more at Ann Corcoran’s blog.

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