WH Press Secretary Psaki is stepping down


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki will likely step down from her current position within the next year. Speaking to CNN’s David Axelrod, Psaki said she took the position after the Biden transition team reached out to her for the job.

An Obama insider, Psaki served as his State Department spokesperson and White House communications director. So she has close tied to Biden. Even still, she took the job knowing it would only be short-term. “What a moment in history to be part of,” she told Axelrod.

Psaki does more than just hold press briefings. During a recent press conference, Biden indicated that he would only take one more question or, “I’m really going to be in trouble.” Apparently he would be in trouble with Psaki. She has a “Don’t take questions” policy when it comes to Biden’s gaffe-filled press conferences. “This is not something we recommend,” Psaki told Axelrod.

Biden has made the Press Secretary’s job more difficult. His failure to address the immigration crisis at the border and to get schools open has led to some testy exchanges between Psaki and the press. Plus, she has had to cover for Biden’s frequent gaffes and outright missteps.

Prior to accepting the Press Secretary job, Psaki was a CNN political contributor from 2017-2020. Now 42 years old, she wants to spend more time with her children. Psaki’s communications background, however, will offer her a broad choice of career options in the future.

Only time will tell who will last longer on the job – Psaki or Biden.

Image from: foxnews.com

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