Released doc shows DOJ, Rosenstein investigated Flynn for “crime” of talking to Russians


This afternoon the DOJ released a less redacted version of Robert Mueller’s scope memo, written by former DOJ deputy director Rod Rosenstein, which reveals that Mueller was tasked with investigating Michael Flynn using the obscure and most likely unconstitutional Logan Act, among other things.

These monsters investigated General/NSA Michael Flynn for the “crime” of talking with Russian officials, which is not a crime for anyone. It’s especially not a crime for an NSA. It’s his responsibility to speak with officials. It was after the election.

Prominent attorney Jonathan Turley wrote on Twitter on April 30th, “Michael Flynn was a useful tool for everyone and everything but justice: Mueller, the media, even the court. What is left in the wake of the prosecution is an utter travesty of justice: Mueller, the media, even the court.”

He linked to his op-ed at The Hill, in which he stated, it was a “chilling blueprint” on how officials tried to entrap him on “blatantly unconstitutional grounds.”

“The new documents also explore how the Justice Department could get Flynn to admit breaking the Logan Act, a law that dates back to from 1799 which makes it a crime for citizens to intervene in disputes between the United States and foreign governments,” he continued. “It has never been used to convict a citizen and is widely viewed as flagrantly unconstitutional.”

Turley pointed out that there was nothing illegal about the communication Flynn had with Russian officials, and it was “utterly absurd” to use the “abusive” Logan Act in his case.

“Justice demands a dismissal of his prosecution,” Turley concluded in his piece. “But whatever the ‘goal’ may have been in setting up Flynn, justice was not one of them.


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