Remarkably, nightly news ignored Democrats blocking police reform


Senator Tim Scott’s Justice Act was shot down yesterday in the Senate.  Senate Minority Leader Schumer didn’t want Republicans to have a win. Speaker Pelosi claimed the bill didn’t go far enough, adding, Republicans murdered George Floyd.

Pelosi wants a national police force or at least enough control that police do her — Democrats — bidding.

Her bill includes a universal banning of chokeholds. What if an officer’s life is in danger? Banned! It ends all qualified immunity [police could be sued endlessly and if the weak-kneed politicians offer a settlement, the officer would pay up to $25k per incident), bans no-knock warrants, bans all new funding, and all of her rules are universal — one size fits all.

Who would actually be an officer under these conditions? There are many other horrendous clauses in the Democrat bill. Pelosi and her media will use this as another election issue with the police-haters.

The Republican bill is no bargain either. The federal government could put out guidelines, but they shouldn’t mandate a thing. One size never fits all. The real danger will arise when it’s tweaked to make the police into a national force. It’s exactly what Hitler did when he rose to power. Why give the left the foundation to do it?


The nightly news mostly ignored the Justice Act from Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), the only black conservative in the chamber. They also refused to report on the death threats and racial slurs being left on Senator Scott’s office voicemail.

The NY Times actually reported the death threats:

The calls, filled with profanity and racist slurs, included one diatribe addressed to “Uncle Tim,” where the caller, after cruelly and profanely condemning Mr. Scott, his family and some of his Republican colleagues, told Mr. Scott to “take your one-way ticket straight to hell.”

One caller discussed putting the senator ‘in his crosshairs,’ Mr. Scott said.

“It’s interesting that we are on the right side of the police reform conversation, yet we’re on the wrong side according to the people, based on the way that we are characterized in the national press,” Mr. Scott said in a brief interview, after playing two of the calls his office had received.

While racist attacks and threats are not new to Mr. Scott or his office, he said they had become more aggressive in recent days.

The networks covered nothing, keeping Americans uneducated.

Bret Baier covered it on Fox News. Baier left Axios’ Jonathan Swan stumbling for a few seconds when he asked about Pelosi saying Republicans murdered George Floyd. Swan then agreed it was “remarkable,” “made more remarkable in the fact” that she didn’t apologize for it.



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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

The Dems already have their brown shirts with the mob, police force would become their SS.

3 years ago

How is this a good thing. Is it wise to put statutory conditions on police departments. What may seem good at the moment can have serious consequences in the future. Once enacted, those provisions can be modified and added to by simple amendment and few will notice. When we head down this path it is easier and more likely a nationalizing of the local police forces is possible. When the Federal monies can be predicated upon “conditions” anything can be inserted. The 55 mph speed limit, seat belts etc., were conditions placed on highway funds. The education system has increasing conditions. Ever since “Revenue Sharing” was implemented it has allowed the Federal Government to “interfere” in the matters of states. If you want Federal money you have to do such and such. States have complained in the past only to be told, “you don’t have to take Federal aid”. The only way Congress can enact this is from the Clinton era of block grants to police and Now see where we are. The Democrats are tipping their hand here. They want more, increasing powers and since this bill doesn’t provide for it they are willing to shelve it. They are greedy, in the moment.

If this bill were to pass those demands would eventually become law. This is a case whereby Democrats are saving Republicans from themselves. They are too short-sighted to see any ramifications of their actions.We have the clear example today of governors complaining that Covid money cannot be used for their general funds. If Democrats were in charge that money would have already been granted, and may be if they regain control. When the states are so burdened they will do most anything for those Federal funds. They will pass any law. As far as I know every state has now succumbed to the Federal ID law. And “now” we are going to give the Federal Government powers over local policing. What could go wrong.