Rep Andy Biggs calls for Nancy Pelosi’s removal as Speaker


Every Republican should be screaming for Speaker Nancy to be removed as Speaker. She is divisive, deceitful, and not true to her oath. Unfortunately, Andy Biggs is the only one calling for her removal right now.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), the House Freedom Caucus chairman, called for the ouster of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in an op-ed on Monday.

“Isn’t it past time for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to leave her office as Speaker of the House? I call upon our leaders in Congress to put forward the Motion to Vacate the Chair that has been prepared and merely needs to be brought to the floor,” Biggs wrote in his op-ed.

Biggs noted the many times that Pelosi has conveyed her “elitism” and divisive politics during her “tenure as speaker,” including:
  • Pelosi recently referred to lawmakers who support President Donald Trump as “domestic criminals.”
  • Pushing articles of impeachment against Trump not based on any “high crime or misdemeanor.”
  • Issued “ridiculous mask edicts” in the House and used the Democrat-majority to “expand her power to control members.”
  • Getting a wash and blow-out at a shuttered salon in San Francisco without a mask. When she was caught, she charged that the salon owes her “an apology.” Biggs called it a “narcissistic” view.

Biggs continued giving an example of hubris from Pelosi’s “fellow leftist political leaders like Michigan Governor Whitmer.”

He then noted Pelosi’s hubris:

Yes, the same hubris that is demonstrated in Pelosi’s attacks on a small business owner, with the apparent objective of crushing her, also permitted the corruption of our federal intelligence gathering apparatus to spy on a political opponent’s campaign, denies that Marxist agitators are rioting, looting, and murdering; and when polling shows that Americans know better, tries to change the narrative to blame Trump.

Biggs said, given Pelosi’s error in judgment, that House lawmakers should push to remove the California Democrat as Speaker.

He asked rhetorically, “So, really, isn’t it time to bring the Motion to Vacate the Chair to the floor to remove Speaker Pelosi from her post?”

It’s long past, but the hard left loves her and she’s not going anywhere. Unfortunately, our Republicans don’t have a lot of fight in them and Democrats like Pelosi get away with anything they choose to do, no matter how divisive and how despicable.

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