Rep. AOC Wants to Abolish Originalist Supreme Court Justices


Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, our own Evita Perrone, is angry over the Supreme Court rulings barring racism in college and university admissions and barring the unconstitutional college “forgiveness” order.

Only Congress can okay the expenditure, not the dementia-ridden dictator wannabe in the Oval Office.

AOC once said that she is sometimes called a communist and doesn’t mind.

On Sunday, she appeared on CNN with Dana Bash and leveled a series of allegations against the Supreme Court Justices who follow the Constitution.

Democrats have been on an accusation spree against the Originalist Justices – looking for crimes and ethical violations.

“First, we have a Senate Judiciary Committee that is beginning the process of investigating the entanglements and conflicts of interest,” she said. “Just one to two weeks before the student loan ruling, the country learned that Justice Samuel Alito was accepting gifts from billionaires who were lobbying against Supreme Court… or that were lobbying before the Supreme Court against student loan forgiveness.”

The allegation is ridiculous. He didn’t report it when it wasn’t mandated. Now that it is, he reported it. The billionaire is his friend. All of Alito’s rulings are in line with his other rulings.

“We must pass, pass much more binding and stringent ethics guidelines… where we see members of the Supreme Court potentially breaking the law. As we saw in the refusal, you know, with Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from cases implicating his wife in January 6th, there also must be impeachment on the table.”

“We have a broad level of tools to deal with misconduct, overreach, and abuse of power,” she went on. “And the Supreme Court has not been receiving the adequate oversight necessary in order to preserve their own legitimacy. And in the process, they themselves have been destroying the legitimacy of the court, which is profoundly dangerous for our entire democracy.”

The authoritarian Democrats are always accusing Justice Thomas of something. What is actually undemocratic is their goal of packing the Court with Democrats and trying to impeach Justices for disagreeing with them.

AOC is infamously ignorant of the Constitution and the separation of Powers, so I would expect nothing less of her.


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