Unintended Consequences of Bud Light Boycott – Workers Fired


Two Bud Light bottling plants had to close after the boycott dramatically reduced sales. Unfortunately, 645 people were laid off. They are collateral damage because of Anheuser Busch’s reckless ESG brainwashing of children with gender ideology.

The boycott began when the company used a man pretending to be a woman to advertise Bud Light.

Newsmax reports:

The Ardagh Group, a global glass producer that has a contract with Anheuser-Busch, said closures will affect nearly 400 people at its plant in Wilson, North Carolina, which will close in mid-July, and 245 employees at a plant in Ruston, Louisiana, WRAL reported. The cuts in Wilson began in May.

The closures were announced in a statement in late June that didn’t specify a reason, calling them part of a “multi-year performance optimization program,” the news outlet reported.

“Since April, we’ve had a couple of machines down,” machine repair mechanic James Munhall told WRAL. “It was, of course, being pointed toward the Bud Light situation. … Personally, I don’t believe this is all a Bud Light thing; I believe it’s the industry itself.

I would feel sorry for the company, except they just funded the Toronto PRIDE event and drag show with nude men and vulgar dancing in front of children. It was disgusting. They’re sticking with ESG and might use Dylan Mulvaney again. Therefore, I don’t feel sorry for them.

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