Rep. Chip Roy Clearly Had Enough of Secretary Mayorkas


I guess Rep. Chip Roy has had enough with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. He blasted his with a big truth bomb. He gave a speech and it was accurate and powerful.

It’s about the dead bodies, the drugs, and the little girl with the brand on her arm…

Watch (graphic photos):
Let’s not forget the terrorists who come in from time to time. We have to pay to return this terrorist creep back to Turkey. Our tax dollars at work.

And the sex offenders – a lot of these types are coming in. We just saw a 22-year old Border Patrol agent, Spc. Bishop E. Evans drown saving migrants. Say HIS name you people of the far left.
Why did he die? Well, he saved two drug dealers and then went on to try and save someone else coming in illegally. A lot of illegal aliens are drowning, including children. What are the chances he happened upon the only two drug dealers?  Mayorkas doesn’t care.

And the gotaways. We know of some gotaways but how many are clever enough or lucky enough to get away and not get seen?

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