Rep. Collins Warns #2 Democrat Made a Deeply Concerning Statement


House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins, R-Ga., said that during the impeachment, Democrats revealed their true contempt for the Constitution and the individual rights of Americans. It’s ironic since they think they are the party that protects human rights.

In an interview airing Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Collins said Trump was overtly denied the same due process afforded to every other American under the Constitution. He reminded viewers that House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., made an alarming statement to that effect.

Hoyer, the number-two Democrat in the House, defended the House’s impeachment inquiry last month by remarking that Trump was afforded “every opportunity to prove his innocence.”

“Instead, he ignored Congressional subpoenas for documents and for testimony by White House officials and ordered his subordinates not to cooperate. This itself is unprecedented,” Hoyer claimed.

First of all, in the United States, we are innocent until proven guilty. Democrats are attempting to change that. Secondly, the President has the right to judicial review. Congress is a co-equal branch of government, not a superior branch.

Collins stated that Americans do not bear the responsibility of proving innocence. He asserted that the burden of proof falls on the accusers in our justice system.

“Mr. Hoyer from Maryland made a very revealing statement for anybody who’s concerned about Constitutional rights, and especially for me, even those of my Democratic counterparts who worry about their communities, where they discuss police action and rights being violated,” Collins said.

“It’s amazing to me how they’re willingly setting that aside to come up to this — Steny Hoyer actually said ‘we allowed him every opportunity to come prove his innocence,” he added.

Collins also said that it seemed that Congress must have “taken a vacation and left the United States.”


As Rep. Lee Zeldin said, the House GOP was not allowed to call any single witness who wasn’t on their list during the impeachment inquiry. The entire process has been unfair and anti-American.

The truly alarming thing is the Democrats have said the President had to prove his innocence all along. They did the same exact thing to Justice Kavanaugh.



    • CAIR is working hard in the background…even trolling some sites…thus besides the application of the rules of Alinsky by the demoncraps the sharia backers are pushing their agenda. It would appear that the MSM is in league with the latter as they both consider it honourable to deceive and lie to the idiot infidel…

  1. The DemocRatic is the party that protects human rights? That is a huge laugh, what about the rights of the unborn, the DemocRATic party is the Party Of Mass Murder vial abortion.

  2. It’s time we force democrats to prove their innocence in perpetrating a coup hoax on America. Omar, Sanders, AOC, Tlaib, Pelosi, Hoyer, Schiff, Schumer, Waters, etc. need to come before the Senate and prove their innocence and prove most if not all of them are not socialist/communist (although Bernie admits it and is still allowed illegally to run for president because being a communist is on its face evidence of being un-American as it opposes the Constitution). His old a$$ should be in jail.

  3. Democrats are proven felons for staging an illegal coup and many lies about illegalities by the Obama Administration. When will we see perp walks?

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