Looks Like Mitch and Chucky Made a Deal to Raise the Debt Ceiling


As we reported yesterday, it looks like Mitch McConnell is working on a deal to let Democrats launch a one-time process for the debt ceiling to be raised $2 trillion to cover the BBB bill so they can keep debating it.

It also allows Democrats in Red states to keep the heat off of them for raising the ceiling.

Senate Majority Leader Chucky Schumer’s changing the rules just this one time (but setting a precedent).

McConnell needs nine more Republican RINOs to vote with him on this, but he’s confident he can get them and is lobbying as we speak. He won’t have to lobby too hard. There are more than nine RINOs but they like to pretend they put up a fight. Eleven of them voted to raise the debt ceiling in October.

“There are always differences of opinion among Republicans about how to handle a delicate issue like the debt ceiling,” McConnell told reporters. “I’m confident that this particular procedure coupled with the avoidance of Medicare cuts will receive enough Republican support to clear the 60-vote threshold, Politico reported.

He’s tying it to Medicare to make it palatable and sellable.

All of McConnell’s months-long blather about not raising the debt ceiling was meaningless as usual. Next, he’ll pretend he is opposed to raising the debt ceiling. He will be opposed to the BBB bill too, but he will have made it possible.

The United States doesn’t have any money. We borrow or print nearly half of what we spend. Someone, please tell Congress. At some point in the near future, something bad is going to happen if all we are paying off is interest with devalued dollars.

This really isn’t bipartisanship as Mitch likes to purport, it’s the establishment all doing what they want to do and ignoring voters.

Why do they keep giving Biden wins? Biden was crushed, defeated, in the doldrums and they pulled him out of the hole he dug for himself with the $1+ trillion fake infrastructure bill. They are worse than useless.

Former President Trump put out a statement today:

I’m watching Republican Senators talk about fighting the horrendous Build Back Better Bill that the Democrats will push forward, made much easier for them by the 19 Republican Senators who voted for the Democrats Infrastructure Plan, which is only 11% Infrastructure, and also by McConnell incredibly giving the Democrats a two-month extension, which allowed them to get their act together.

Now the Republicans start fighting a much harder war, and I told them this would happen. It’s pathetic! Those 19 Republicans, including the Broken Old Crow [Mitch], should not be forgotten for what they have done and the absolutely horrible ramifications this Bill will have on the future of our Nation. Just like McConnell blew two Senate seats in Georgia, and wouldn’t fight the Rigged Presidential Election, he gave this one away also.


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Dominion Smartmatic States Of America
Dominion Smartmatic States Of America
1 year ago

Vote harder for the conservatives next cycle.
They’ll get it right this time.
Keep telling yourself that.

1 year ago

The RINOs need to go, Starting with McConnell. McConnell has been a tax and spend RINO for over 30 years.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Mitch is a cheap backroom dealer who never allows a real interview. (Ryan was the same.)

He has a long history of leftist spending. Increasing spending and debt is his first commandment.

1 year ago

This POS McConnell has to go. He is not to be trusted.

Fed Up in Illinois
Fed Up in Illinois
1 year ago
Reply to  timshep

He’s a complete disaster. He’s gotten worse over the years, answering to donors only.