Rep. Ilhan Omar Accuses The Hill of “Othering” Her


What in the world is Ilhan Omar talking about in the tweet below? She accused The Hill of “othering” her after they simply reported on a verse she put in a tweet after the New Zealand massacre.

This woman is not the innocent young thing Democrats would have you believe. She is a 37-year old woman who has all the terminology down. Omar is most comfortable stirring up trouble. She is a pot stirrer.

If you read the article at The Hill that she linked to, it notes her tweet encouraging prayers for the murdered mosque-goers in a most positive way. It mentions her recent problems but in the most euphemistically way possible, so much so that it conceals her anti-Semitism. It’s an effort to favor her.

That displeased her.

A website called othering and belonging defines “othering” as a set of dynamics, processes, and structures that engender marginality and persistent inequality across any of the full range of human differences based on group identities.

What a load of garbage.



    • Omar self-identified and designated herself the “other” when she chose to be sworn in on the Koran. Omar as zero allegence to America. She represents the “enemy within”. The Islamic Djinn. Omar (& Tliab) are the real time poisonous snake, viper, python, cobra, scorpion written of in fables.

      Dems knew Omar was a snake when they supported her. Now all Americans know. She along with Tliab lifted, removed their veils to uncover their true agenda. All eyes are on Omar and other “others”. Every shut eye ain’t sleep. Americans are watching.

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