Rep. Ilhan Omar, Tabloid Star


The premiere tabloid — the Daily Mail — [if you can be a premiere tabloid] reports that still-married Rep. Ilhan Omar is living with her still-married campaign aide Tim Mynett, 38, whenever she is in D.C.

It’s a tabloid and we don’t know the reliability of their source, but we have some photos and we don’t know what they do when they are alone. Given all that, if this is true, she is one of the most hypocritical, holier-than-thous in D.C. and that’s going some!

The two allegedly have secret hookups at Omar’s love nest and are taking romantic vacations in Jamaica and have talked about marriage once their divorces are completed, according to the Daily Mail’s source.

A source told, “They are more or less living together whenever she is in DC. They are even planning a romantic vacation at Christmas.”

After denying the romantic relationship or the upcoming divorce for months, Omar finally filed for divorce on October 7. She denies a relationship with Mynett, whose wife also filed for divorce in August.

Mynett’s soon-to-be ex-wife Beth, 55, is putting up a fight in the proceedings because she feels Omar is a risk to their 13-year-old son William’s safety since she gets [possibly] death threats.

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