WA bill allows preferential treatment in employment, education, contracting


Voters in the State of Washington overwhelmingly approved Initiative 200 in 1998. The law prohibits a state from discriminating against or granting preferential treatment to an individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in public employment, education, or contracting. Washington’s left brought back preferential treatment.

I-200 both protected against discrimination and banned corrupt favoritism.

The leftists have fought against I-200 in Washington State for twenty years and now they have won.

The left succeeded when the state legislature, on a party-line vote, adopted Initiative 1000. It allegedly amends Initiative 200. In fact, the new Initiative guts the old one — the one that Washingtonians voted for, PowerlineBlog reported.


Initiative 1000, the so-called amended I-200, guts I-200, and removes the ban against preferential treatment.

“Preferential treatment” means the act of using race, sex, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, and honorably discharged veteran or military status as the sole qualifying factor to select a lesser qualified candidate over a more qualified candidate for a public education, public employment, or public contracting opportunity.

Big Labor wants preferential treatment and is one of the massive entities behind I-1000. It isn’t only them. It’s a way for politicians to sell their souls to certain groups, using jobs and contracts as rewards, often under pressure.

The WAAsians4Equality are being outspent in the quest to inform the public about the dangers this law presents. They are putting up a good fight, but leftists LIE.

The Lie

The leftists deceived the public about I-1000, passing around a petition which was misleading, mischaracterizing the 1000 bill. The ballot title read: ”Initiative Measure No. 1000 concerns remedying discrimination and affirmative action .”

The measure claimed I-1000 is against discrimination and I-200 is for discrimination when the opposite is true.

I-200 does not end outreach programs, it does not end affirmative action based on helping people who are lower-income or economically disadvantaged.  It clearly states on I-200 ballot “Initiative 200 does not end all affirmative action programs.”

They Have the Big Bucks

The backers, including the far-left union SEIU, give a different impression, and they are putting a lot of money into this. The Asian American group, fighting for American values, needs donations if you want to contribute.

This is how the far-left wins and they are winning on these smaller issues in local towns, cities, and states throughout the nation. They are upturning all America stands for. They issue fiats. Once they have no opposing party, they do whatever they want.

The Asian group forced a Referendum 88 on the ballot this November to restore the prohibition on race-based preferences.

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