Rep. Jackson Lee Demands Reparations for 246 Years of Slavery


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee called for reparations for slavery from 1619 to 1865, which was the fault of British slavers before the United States’ founding. The people she wants to hold responsible are white people in this country who had nothing to do with it.

United States Independence was declared in 1776, and the American Revolution ended in 1783. Slavery ended on December 18, 1865. That’s 82 years of slavery in the fledgling nation. If they want reparations from 1619, they must demand them from the British. There are also black slave traders and owners involved.

The United States did not exist before 1783 and barely got off the ground that year. It was British America in the early years.

Additionally, thousands of families lost soldiers in the Civil War and paid reparations with their blood. My ancestor died in an Andersonville prison. He paid my bill. My husband’s family were immigrants during the last century and owe nothing.

The people who enslaved people are dead. The enslaved people are dead. There is no way for the slavers to pay reparations to the people who deserve it.

Nonetheless, reparations have been paid over and over through welfare programs.

In return for efforts to help black communities, black gang members commit more than half the murders in the US. They are mostly killing other black people. The problem is bad or non-existent parenting, not slavery.

1619 Is a NY Times Fraud

Professor Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars, expressed his deep concerns about the 1619 Project, a new, dishonest telling of history taught in at least 3500 school districts. It is anti-American and anti-White. It is also anti-Semitic.

None of what you are being told in the 1619 tale is true, and it was concocted by non-historians who are also left-wing journalists.

A newspaper, the NY Times, funded the project. They assumed the right to rewrite history. Rep. Jackson Lee apparently thinks she can too.

Watch these next two clips:

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