Rep. Johnson Says He’s a Wartime Speaker – It’s Like the Civil War


I don’t know if this is a good time to vacate Speaker Johnson. However, I’ve been wrong before, and people should know Speaker Johnson’s excuse for coming through with nothing he promised. The Speaker said this is like the Civil War.

Speaker Johnson regards himself “as a wartime Speaker.” Rep. Massie told him “to get a grip.”

“Look, we’re in dangerous times. This has been articulated here, around the world, and here at home. We need steady leadership; we need steady hands at the wheel. Look, I regard myself, as a as a wartime speaker. I mean in a literal sense.

“I knew that when I took the gavel; I didn’t anticipate that this would be an easy path.

“Former Speaker Newt Gingrich posted a couple of days ago on his social media that this is the hardest challenge that’s faced a Speaker, probably in the country’s history. The moment we’re in right now, he said arguably, may be comparable to the Civil War, but maybe worse.”

I do not like his mindset, but I want to hear what the readers think. Maybe all three of them should “get a grip.” Then again Chuck U. Schumer gets everything he wants.

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