Rep. Katie Hill’s Problems Have Grown Far Worse


Update at the end

According to Daily Mail, a tabloid, sources revealed Katie Hill and her husband Kenny Heslep posted naked photos of Hill online in 2016 under a thread called ‘WouldYouF**kMyWife’ and ‘wifesharing.’

The Daily Mail also posted new photos of a naked Hill, who is a representative in a conservative district in California.

One of the nude photos shows an alleged Iron Cross tattoo on her pubic area while smoking a bong. The Mail described it as a Nazi-era cross.

She is a fine representation of Congress today, at least of Democrats. She is what all of Congress should aspire to be [sarcasm].

The following photos are all we can post without making our site into a porn site. If you want to see the photos, click here.

Here she is with her bong in 2017 before marijuana was legal in California [one of the readers said it was legal in Cali at the time and we stand corrected, but another reader reminded us it is illegal in all 50 states according to federal law.].

This is the cross.

Hill’s attorney sent a cease and desist letter, demanding the Mail remove the photos from publication immediately.

Hill’s attorneys also take issue with the Daily Mail website for falsely claiming that Hill has a tattoo of a Nazi symbol on her body in one of the photos.

“California law provides a cause of action against libel, which is defined as the ‘false and unprivileged publication by writing, printing, picture…which exposes any person to hatred, contempt, ridicule… or which has a tendency to injure him in his occupation,’” they said. “The claim that Representative Hill has Nazi imagery on her body in the form of a tattoo is false and defamatory.”

They didn’t bother to explain why the Iron Cross on her pubic area isn’t Nazi imagery as the Daily Mail claimed.

The House Ethics Committee is investigating her over allegations that she had an extramarital affair with her legislative director, Graham Kelly.


Katie Hill resigned Sunday and she’s blaming her “monster” husband and the GOP for giving him a platform to smear her. Perhaps she should blame herself.



  1. Canabis has been legal for recreational use since November 2016 (although the sale for recreational use took longer to implement), so no, if that picture is from 2017 she is not violating the law. And if she had a medical recommendation from a physician, that’s been legal here since 1996.

    • Marijuana is illegal in all 50 states no matter what your state says. it is like how California thinks it runs interstate commerce and tries to put emissions standards in cars it has no authority to do.

      In 2016, 2017, and today in 2019 this federal representative is breaking federal law.

      • I know you’re just trolling, but I’ll ask anyway. Have you never broken a law? Speeding? Spitting? Nothing? Shut up with your pretend moralizing.

      • It’s greenish, so it may be a Celtic cross, of which there are many variations.
        TBC, no love lost (figuratively, of course) between me and this woman. I’m just adding my two cents in the interest of observational accuracy.

    • It doesn’t look anything like a 4 leaf clover. It looks like an Iron Cross…. which is not necessarily Nazi (I think it has been around since the Napoleonic era) though it is quite trashy.

      • Bottom line, it’s not a Nazi symbol and never was. Just because it was a Germany military tradition does not make it “Nazi”. This is just a lame attempt to squeeze Nazi into the headline.

        • This looks like a fair rendition of the Iron Cross which was designed on the occasion of the German Campaign of 1813 when Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm III commissioned it as first medal to be awarded to all ranks in the Prussian Army.

          We can go even further in history to the 14th century with the Knights Hospitaller during the crusades and EVEN further to the 11th century when this cross was depicted on coins minted by the Duchy of Amalfi (Italy).

          As a history major, I learned that the Nazi’s never really invented anything, but “borrowed” images that had already existed throughout millenium. Hence, saying that it was a “Nazi” symbol is purely a misnomer.

  2. Marijuana is illegal in this country, in all 50 states. Even if your weenie state says otherwise you are still at risk of arrest and prosecution and this federally elected representative should know that for sure.

  3. It isnt an iron cross you moron. And the iron cross is pre-nazi. THey knew that, which is why they just call it a “nazi era” cross. It was simply an attempt to add Nazi to the headline and its despicable.

    • The only thing I would say in defense is it would be worse if it was Trump. They call him Hitler for nothing. The Iron Cross was a perfectly terrific cross. Unfortunately, Hitler ruined it.

      • And it’s still a nice cross. Propaganda demonizing anything authentically German might ruin it for some, but the Iron Cross predates Hitler’s own birth by quite a long time.

        • Goes back to the 11th century as the Maltese Cross, hence you are right: it “predates Hitler’s own birth by quite a long time.”!!

    • The Iron Cross was handed out by the Nazi controlled Third Reich during WWII (though it has been around since the Napoleonic era). You can say the Iron Cross is not necessarily a Nazi symbol in my opinion it is very trashy and in poor taste. I would question the judgement of a person who would choose to decorate their body with such a symbol as it can be associated with Nazis.

  4. The Iron Cross is a former military decoration in the Kingdom of Prussia, and later in the German Empire and Nazi Germany. It was established by King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia on 17 March 1813 during the Napoleonic Wars.

    Maybe she’s a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan.

  5. The Iron Cross, like the Swastika, was not originally a Nazi symbol.
    The Nazis took amazing symbols, often religious symbols, and used them in their path of evil, as a result of their monstrous actions, we demonize them.
    If you think it’s okay to brand oneself with a demonized=Nazi symbol and defend it because the Nazis used it, but somebody else invented it, that’s insanity. Unless you are a Buddhist or Native American, do not use a Nazi symbol like a Swastika. Unless you are a descendant of a Naploeonic or Kaiser soldier, don’t wear a Nazi Iron Cross. Otherwise, all those racists who do wear Swastikas and Iron Cross will have won!

    • isn’t because the people who were doing the “ok” sign, were doing to show white power. Yeah, it was originally a joke. But, guess what? Racists actually started to use it, in a non-ironic way. So, you can’t really blame the left when white supremacists adopted the symbol.

      But, i am interested in her explanation for her tattoo. Don’t tattoo people love to blab about their tattoos and tell everyone what it means.

  6. On Liberal media they are turning this into a gender issue. I guarantee if distasteful images surfaced for Trump the left would lose all self control.

  7. I’m a republican generally and this doesnt really seem like a job loser for me, I mean if her record is decent for her base. Doubt she’s a nazi lol. People who shout nazi tend to be idiots whether it be at trump or now her. Not my values now but we were all young and did stupid shit, come on. The gov is a mirror of us… and guess what, it is. Trump, her, crazy ass AOC, I mean there are versions of these people all through our country. Now you wanna impeach trump or make this chick resign cause they aren’t on your side. Fk that, self righteous pricks. Just vote her out next time round if you dont like her anymore… that’s if she’s doin her job. I’m a tradition values guy now and no way should this be firable, unless she’s on tape spouting terrible crap. She’s just a freak… ehh

  8. So much for State’s rights, huh? Only applicable when you want it? One numbskull actually said if something like this happened to trump the left would go crazy — uh, news flash – your president is a predator and “grabs them by the pussy” this shit happens EVERY DAY to trump

  9. No, I think she should blame her scumbag ex and garbage sites like this that repost the evidence of a crime committed against her and spread the lie that she’s a nazi. Disgusting.

      • You did but you tried to hide it:

        “They didn’t bother to explain why the Iron Cross on her pubic area isn’t Nazi imagery”

        Writing that they “didn’t bother” to explain the tattoo asserts they’re trying to hide something i.e. that she’s a Nazi.

        Your appeal to ignorance by writing that they haven’t proven it “isn’t Nazi imagery” is a blatant logical fallacy and not very good journalism.

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