Rep. Kinzinger Unleashes NAFOs? Thinks the GOP’s Near-Death


Lame-duck Republican Adam Kinzinger supports war against Russia no matter the cost. He has nothing bad to say about war and thinks anyone who finds it unwise is a Putin puppet. For that reason, he says he has enlisted the NAFOs.

As an aside, Kim Dotcom thinks NAFO is a CIA operation.

The Sentinel has no idea what’s going on over there, but we want to give you the information you might not have heard.

“If you want to be part of the resistance against Russian disinformation,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger said about the NAFOs, “join the fellas.”

NAFOS are pro-Ukraine trolls on Twitter.

Trump-hating RINO Kinzinger is on the committee investigating Jan. 6 and hopes to see Donald Trump and his allies in prison.

Kinzinger is pro-Ukraine, as are most Americans. However, he has no limitations to his support.

Yahoo News reports: He is the first and only sitting U.S. legislator to enlist in the “North Atlantic Fella Organization,” or NAFO, an increasingly influential online army of activists who savagely mock pro-Kremlin trolls and Russian diplomats on Twitter and are instantly recognizable by their individually stylized or militarized Shiba Inu avatars.

As for Trump and the Republican Party, he sees the party as near-death.

“Trump can go away, and it won’t matter much,” Kinzinger said. “Others have learned from him. … Either the Republican Party dies or it comes back to some modicum of normalcy. If the latter happens, it’ll take ten years. Either an angry generation passes away, or a charismatic leader that can pull people into a different vision emerges. Trump was charismatic, much as I hate to admit it.”

Asked if not having to answer to a constituency has made his tongue a bit looser, Kinzinger admits it has. “Prior to making the mental decision, I wasn’t running again, I filtered stuff,” he said. “If something pissed me off, I’d ask if I needed to say so. You have to pick your battles in politics. But the night of the election, when Trump said it was stolen or going to be stolen — that was a defining moment. That is the kind of thing that can mark the complete downfall of a civilization, the trust in democracy that’s torn out.”

He decided not to run again because he didn’t have a palm tree in Alaska chance of winning. Kinzinger never mentions that.

If the Republican Party dies, it’s not because RINOs were excised; it’s because Democrats successfully made the US a one-party nation. It is getting harder and harder to win elections, mostly because of demographics.

The article reports Kinzinger seems quite happy and “even jaunty.” We are guessing he has a lucrative deal somewhere, perhaps on left-wing cable. CNN and MSNBC would be dumb enough to hire the crier.

Maybe the NAFOs hired him.

No one supports the riot, but give me a break. Watch:

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1 year ago

Republican Adam Kinzinger is a bigger moron than Traitor Joe. As I have written previously, a limited Nuclear War is survivable, all out Nuclear war, not so much. Traitor Joe’s meddling in Ukraine is leaving Russia no option. If we keep supplying Ukraine with armaments we can’t afford, there will be Nuclear War. Traitor Joe’s response will dictate how far beyond Ukraine’s borders the wasteland will extend.

Adam Kinzinger’s support of war with Russia makes me wonder how deeply he was involved in Ukraine corruption. Is he leaving office because he knows America First Republican investigations are coming? Will he be taking a job in a country without extradition to the US? Inquiring minds want to know!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Kinzinger’s statements are like Intel propaganda.

He needs a job and his only hope is in NWO media. So he rehearses the right lines to promote himself.

His family has rejected him, sent him a certified letter, telling him he is evil. He will not go home to Illinois.

The reactions of people like Cheney and Kinzinger to January 6th were not principled, they were opportunist. None of those people think it was an insurrection, or that the election was fair. They seized the moment and emerged as what they always were. The election coup was successful, but the party coup was not. (Kevin and Mitch are barely holding onto leadership for now, they are scorned by the base.)

Notice that Cheney and Kinzinger are favoring strong interventionist policies in general (that’s CIA/DOD/NWO/NATO).

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

How do these clowns get elected? He is crazier than what he falsely claims ‘trumpers’ are.