Rep. Lee Zeldin rallies for ice cream store owner fined $2,000 a day for a Trump sign


The far-left and discombobulated mayor of Port Jefferson is leveling a fine against the owner of a small ice cream store in the village at the fascist-level of $2,000 a day fine for his Trump sign. It’s his building.

I stupidly campaigned for Mayor Margot Garant since she ran on non-partisanship. She now supports all kinds of crazy left-wing meetings at our Village Center. And she’s hurting this man putting a sign supporting the President on the front of his building. I will do everything I can to see her lose her job next mayoral election and will help whoever runs against Margot Garant, provided they are decent.

“It’s outrageous that the far-left anti-Trump Mayor of Port Jefferson is fining these amazing small business owners of an ice cream shop $2,000 per DAY just for hanging a sign that supports the President of the United States. Being fined for their simple, non-controversial message of support for the President is nuts,” Team Zeldin wrote.

Here is the courageous owner:

The rally in little Port Jefferson brought in a large crowd in support of this owner:

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