Rep Marjorie Taylor-Greene censored for COV tweets


Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours because she posted two allegedly ‘misleading’ COV tweets.

The first one cites information we have been told and her point is — you shouldn’t force anyone to take the drug.

The Twitter police say it’s misleading because she didn’t say:

– Experts say COVID-19 vaccines are extremely effective at preventing serious illnesses, leading to lower hospitalizations and deaths

– Though the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines have a lower efficacy rate than the other vaccines, they are still effective at preventing serious illnesses, data shows

– The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise the continued use of masks and other preventative measures in public after inoculation

Uh, okay, but this affects what she said, how? They don’t directly address what she said. It’s clear they don’t like her opinion.

The next one she was suspended for:

If you click Twitter’s info link, you will find she is misleading because she didn’t state the facts about the vaccine being safe, widely tested, overwhelmingly effective.

Oh, but wait, double vaccinated people are going to the hospital with COV — 60% in the UK:

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