Rep. Massie Almost Fined for Pic of Dems Waving Ukrainian Flags


Democrats celebrated the passing of billions for Ukraine while giving nothing to the border. They waved Ukrainian flags, not US flags, and Thomas Massie pinned the video to his X page.

The Sergeant of Arms threatened to fine him $500, not the Congress people waving the flag of a foreign nation while allowing an invasion of the nation to continue. The fine would be for taking video in the House, which goes against regulations. He was told to delete the video.

Speaker Johnson wisely said Rep. Massie would not be fined. If he had allowed the fine, the backlash would have been swift.

Upon viewing Rep. Massie’s tweet, our team contacted the Sergeant at Arms. I do not agree with this assessment, and Rep. Massie will not be fined, Johnson said.

After the election, finding someone better than Johnson would be a good idea. Currently, Donald Trump supports him and emphasizes the one-person majority.

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