Rep. Omar Hosted a Foreign Leader in Minneapolis, Speaking in Somali, No US Flags


Rep. Ilhan Omar held a rally of sorts today without US flags while she spoke in Somali. The event was to greet the former prime minister of Somalia and presidential candidate, Mr. Hassan Ali Khaire.

When she’s not bashing the US, white men, Christians, and Jews, she’s doing things like this. There is nothing American about Ilhan.

She once told Somalians that Somalia comes first and Muslims second. Omar never mentioned the United States. Democrat media tried to walk it back, but it is what she said.

This is what Democrats want for us – a nation of foreigners united in nothing.

As for Kaire, he was accused of ties to East African militant groups, including al-Shabaab, which has been waging war on the federal government of Somalia. The UN cleared him.

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