Rep Omar Likens Migrant Detention Centers to “Slave Camps”


Ilhan Omar is an enemy of America. She consistently pushes for open borders which will destroy the country and, at the same time, she regularly denigrates the law enforcement who protect us.

Her latest outrageous claim is to compare “migrant [illegal alien] detention centers to slave camps in Africa during the slave trade.”

The people in the camps aren’t slaves and can go home any time they want. They choose to remain in the hope that they can get to stay here illegally.

This anti-American, anti-Semitic woman is one of the leading progressive voices in the Democratic Party. That should alarm people.

About the very reasonable asylum ruling that requires foreigners to ask for asylum in the first country they reach, she said:

“I believe that decision is morally and legally wrong,” Omar said on “Face the Nation” Sunday. “Seeking asylum is a legal right that people have and we know that the Supreme Court has been wrong before. They’ve been wrong in the equal but separation doctrine decision, they’ve been wrong in the Dred Scott decision.”

The enormous influx at the border is of people who have been coached to say they are seeking asylum. Most aren’t asylum seekers as the border agents are discovering.

Omar referred to the Supreme Court’s Plessy v. Ferguson ruling in 1896 that effectively sanctioned racial segregation in public spaces, as well as to the 1857 Dred Scott v. Sandford decision, in which the court’s majority said African Americans, freed or enslaved, were not U.S. citizens and had no standing to seek their freedom or another relief in court.

How ridiculous. Most of that was driven by Democrats.

How can Democrats be so stupid as to condone and promote the drivel that comes from this woman?

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