Rep. Raskin Admits Hunter Sent Funds from Business Deal to Family


According to Breitbart News, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, admitted in an interview with NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo that Hunter Biden transferred money that he got in business deals to family members. He also said there is no evidence Joe Biden received any of these payments.

We know Hunter transferred money to family members. Raskin sells snow in the wintertime.

Representative Raskin said Republicans were trying to set up a false equivalency between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.


Screenshot Rep Raskin in a hearing

Representative Raskin said Hunter Biden was a drug abuser and one does “really deranged things” as an abuser. He wants us to believe that is all there is. Chris Cuomo mentioned that Hunter sending money to family members suggests otherwise.

“As far as I know, Hunter Biden made a bunch of business deals, which is lawful, which a lot of family members have done, Republican, Democrat, other political families, they’ve done the same thing. And he had it — the money diverted into different funds. I don’t know there’s an allegation of any crime there, but what is the crime that’s being asserted?” said Raskin.

Raskin then admitted, “The only ones I’m aware of being alleged are ones where Hunter Biden got payments. He was able to insinuate himself into a situation where he was getting paid and then he had the payments directed to different accounts and in the names of different people, including children or babies. I don’t think those babies were involved in political corruption.

“I think Hunter Biden was obviously trying to divert the different kinds of money that he had coming in. That’s my best understanding of that situation. Again, none of it touches President Biden,” Raskin said.

We know that Joe lied about his involvement with Hunter’s business associates. That touches him.

Cuomo left out questions about Joe and Hunter’s shared bank accounts. We also found out today from Rep. Comer that the Bidens received $20 million from Oligarchs in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Joe Biden dined with the Oligarchs after Hunter sold the Biden Brand.

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