Rep. Raskin Defines “Fascist” – It’s Trump or a Trump Supporter


Anyone who disagrees with Jamie Raskin is a fascist. He blathers stupidly in the clip below with a new definition of fascists. To him, they are Trump supporters, and indeed any Republican who challenges the election is a fascist. Naturally, his definition doesn’t apply to Hillary Clinton or Stacey Abrams.

His committee is Stalinist, and he’s calling Republicans fascists. As Tom Elliott points out, this Antifa-loving Democrat is a fascist by his own definition.

His sham J6 committee is holding its next committee meeting on October 13th. It’s so clearly meant to influence the elections.

Rabid partisan Raskin told Meet the Press is not sure if the January 6 committee will finish its work before the 2022 midterm elections and warned that the “forces” that instigated the riot are “still out there.” He will probably have to continue until 2024, especially if Donald Trump is the candidate.

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