Rep Ratcliffe Defends DNI Maguire from Schiff’s Lies


The Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire cut through the nonsense and gave a factual account of the process involved in getting the so-called whistleblower’s account to the Congress.

The account remains as nothing more than hearsay so far.

No matter how many times DNI Maguire explained the process, Schiff created a fantasy around it.

Schiff tried to make the DNI look dishonest despite Mr. Maguire explaining over and over what transpired. You can — literally — not believe a word this far-left creature says.

It wasn’t only Schiff. Other shameful Democrats did the same thing.


Rep. Ratcliffe quoted both Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi accusing Maguire of being part of a coverup.

Ratcliffe said Maguire was accused of a crime “despite the fact that after [your military service] you became acting DNI [director of national intelligence] 23 days after the Trump-Zelensky call. And four days after the whistleblower made his or her complaint, you were subpoenaed before this committee after being publicly accused of committing a crime.”

After Maguire confirmed that this was all true, Ratcliffe said, “You were publicly accused of committing a crime, you were also falsely accused of committing a crime.”

The congressman then read an official opinion from the Justice Department saying that the whistleblower complaint was not urgent, meaning Maguire never covered anything up. He was simply following the opinion of the Justice Department.

“That’s not an opinion from Bill Barr. That’s an opinion from the Justice Department’s ethics lawyers,” Ratcliffe said, adding that the lawyers who drafted the opinion are “career officials that serve Republicans and Democrats.”

Ratcliffe is great!

Schiff even lied about DNI Maguire ‘voluntarily’ coming in. He was forced via subpoena. This comes via 100PercentFedUp.

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