Rep. Ratcliffe details FBI’s ‘criminal activity’ against Donald Trump & Carter Page


Rep. John Ratcliffe made an appearance on Sunday Morning Futures yesterday with Maria Bartiromo and was asked for his reaction to the impeachment vote and the IG report.

The Texas rep said the only question about the vote Wednesday is how many will vote against it. The person in charge of the investigation — Adam Schiff — is the one who helped start it when his staff met with the ‘whistleblower.’ At the very same time, there is an Inspector General’s report which cites his Adam Schiff’s repeated false statements in the last Russia-Trump hoax investigation.

Rep. Ratcliffe believes that is why Democrats are moving so quickly towards impeachment — to keep it from unraveling and keep their folks in line.

Democrats made the mistake of banking on Adam Schiff’s credibility, the representative said.

Ms. Bartiromo then asked about the FISA report by the Inspector General Michael Horowitz.


Schiff continually said there was collusion in plain sight and now we see the actual report and the “errors” contradict all of his claims.

The Representative said Adam Schiff put out a report that was false. He said that there was no FISA abuse by the FBI and that was false. He said the dossier was not a central part of the warrant on Carter Page and it was. Schiff said the FBI didn’t fail to turn over exculpatory information and that was false also.

The IG’s report details all of that and it’s an indictment of Adama Schiff and Jim Comey’s leadership at the FBI.

The biggest takeaway from [the report] and “the Inspector General’s findings very clearly delineates is, even if you concede, and I don’t, even if you concede that there was a predicate to start this, there was no predicate to continue a counterintelligence investigation against the President of the United States. They had to do it by making those false representations to the FISA court.”

About an FBI lawyer [Kevin Clinesmith] altering a document to continue a counterintelligence operation, he said the IG’s “findings outlines what is really criminal activity.” The criminal behavior includes depriving Carter Page of “his civil rights under color of law,” “tampering with evidence, taking documents making them say the opposite of what they actually represent and certifying that to the court.”


It’s a terrible “indictment of Comey’s leadership at the FBI and the things the Democrats said to continue a counterintelligence investigation against a sitting president of the United States when there was no probable cause to continue it.”

It started with 7 errors, misrepresentations, alterations of evidence, and added ten more to continue the spying. [All of these so-called errors went in the same direction — to spy on Trump’s campaign].

The extensive damage that was done to the FBI under Comey is hard for the American people to comprehend.

The findings by IG Horowitz are being looked at from a criminal standpoint but Ratcliffe made it clear that he’s not convicting anyone. This needs to be prosecuted and some people could go to jail. The findings could send a common man to jail for a long period of time.

Bottom line: There appears to be criminal activity against Carter Page and President Trump detailed in the IG report. People can go to jail.


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