Rep. Stefanik Esposes Fringe Rep. Adam Schiff on the Whistleblower Lie


Rep. Elise Stefanik, a rising star in the Republican Party, exposed the dishonesty of Adam Schiff over not allowing the Whistleblower to testify.


She presented several articles quoting Schiff explaining that the whistleblower would testify and there was an agreement for the whistleblower to testify.

Jim Jordan added that Schiff also hasn’t released four of the transcripts, and this means Republicans can’t refer to them in questioning witnesses. These are witnesses who didn’t help Schiff’s case. He’s also not allowing Republicans to call the witnesses they need to appear. This is absurd. We had to listen to William Taylor testify for hours and all he had was an aide who overheard the President allegedly. Why didn’t the aide testify then? Why were we listening to the arrogant bag of wind for hours?

What we heard at these hearings were arrogant government workers with a sense of self-importance who were offended that the President encroached on what they perceived as their territory — foreign policy. This is the first president in a long time who wanted to take back the power that is his alone — setting foreign policy.



  1. Adam Shifty is running a”inquiry” into whether Trump broke any laws. Well, Dems, you are up shifty creek because without papers needed to ask questions, or even call their own witnesses has turned into a charade of Shifty’s own makings. He obviously is not going to allow the REPS their witnesses, paperwork, questions in the Swamp under the Capital. He just sits and stare s with those beady eyes and raps his gavel against the desk. This isn’t boding well for the DEMS. When arae they going to wake up and kick Shifty out of Congress? THE PEOPLE ARE SEEING THIS ALL HAPPEN AND IT WILL AFFECT THE ELECTIONS FOR 2020. THE DEMS WONT BE ABLE TO WIN. THEY HAVE BECOME TOO CORRUPT. MOST OF THEM SHOULD LEAVE AND HELP AMERICA BECOME THE GREAT COUNTRY IT IS.

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