Rep. Zeldin will Declare a Crime Emergency His First Day on the Job


Lee Zeldin appeared on Sunday Morning Futures today with Maria Bartiromo and promised to declare a crime emergency on his first day on the job. Crime increases every month, and “people want to save the state.”

Where I live in New York, it is no longer as safe as it was only a few years ago. The police sirens were going for hours last night. They’ve even let MS-13 out of prison without bail.

Every day in New York City, people are getting slashed, shot, and pushed on to subway tracks. That’s horrible. The crime has begun to move out to the suburbs. Hochul will continue this crime wave if she becomes governor. We need a change.

Rep. Lee Zeldin is polling within two points of Kathy Hochul who is in hiding and won’t debate Mr. Zeldin.

Mr. Zeldin said he’d fire Soros DA Alvin Bragg. That would be a great start.

“You know, listen, I want to do everything I possibly can in the first 100 minutes, Zeldin told Mrs. Bartiromo. “I mean, I want to have a very active day one. I just announced a couple days ago that as soon as I am sworn into office, I’m going to be declaring a crime emergency here in the state of New York.

I’m going to suspend New York’s cashless bail laws and some other pro-criminal laws that have been passed and force the legislature to come to the table to negotiate an improvement because we have to take back our streets.

We need law-abiding New Yorkers back in control of New York streets instead of criminals. And there are people who are in charge right now, from Kathy Hochul to these Democrats controlling the state legislature who feel like they haven’t passed enough pro-criminal laws.

So this is an action on day one. I’ve previously announced that my first action, my first day that I’m in office, is telling them the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg that he’s being removed for his refusal to enforce the law. But it doesn’t stop there. We need to support our men and women in law enforcement; we need to make sure whether it’s cashless bail, less is more, raise the age, hall tax, some of these other names of laws that have passed, which don’t get as much attention are resulting in people getting hurt, law-abiding New Yorkers getting hurt.

So I’m pretty motivated to do everything in my power in the first 100 minutes to take back the state. And listen, there’s gonna be opportunities beyond that, but we’re gonna have a very aggressive day one, so the New Yorkers know that we’re wasting no time to restore the state to glory.”



I have campaigned for Rep. Zeldin and watched him tell the truth when he knew it could cost him votes. One man stood up at just such a meeting and said while it was not what he wanted to hear, he would vote for him for his honesty.

I remember another woman. A young black woman, a Democrat at one meeting, thanked him for all he was doing in her community and helping everyone, including Democrats. She said he didn’t consider party when helping people.

He’s a good man, and they are hard to come by in politics. They can become corrupted but not Mr. Zeldin. I remember one older man saying pleadingly, ‘Please don’t become corrupt.’ Mr. Zeldin promised he wouldn’t. He hasn’t, and he won’t. Ask any honest person who has worked with him, and they will tell you the same thing.

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