The Border Is Closed, Meanwhile at the Border


Secretary Mayorkas, champion of open border policies, has one job and that is to keep the border secure and he’s doing the opposite. But why make America great again when you can make America a Third World nation?

Illegal aliens, euphemistically known as migrants.

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended 1,772 migrants after they crossed the Rio Grande in a single day at one single point – Eagle Pass.

The invasion is a steady stream of illegal aliens.

In the largest group of migrants arrested, more than 400 of the 528 members of the migrant group were single adult males and females. The group was comprised of migrants from 14 different countries.

Nearly half of the group consisted of Venezuelan nationals. More than 150 migrants were from Cuba. More than 100 members of the groups were from Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Iran, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Chile, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, and Mexico, Randy Clark reveals. He was Division Chief for Law Enforcement Operations and served in Border Patrol for 32 years.

OPEN BORDERS Biden is allowing a cartel-run slave trade to operate freely on our southern border. The border has been SURRENDERED to the WORST people in the entire world. We need to CLOSE the border and do it NOW!, tweeted Rep Ronny Jackson.

Obviously, if the border was closed, thousands wouldn’t pour in each day. However, the Biden Regime wants you to believe the border is closed.


We’re not getting their best.

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