Report 100 possible terrorists in line for US visas


Bloomberg reported that the Afghans coming to the US were screened on the planes. That’s absurd propaganda. There is no way to screen them quickly.

As it happens at least 100 who were flagged for US visas are possible matches to intelligence agency watch lists according to the Defense Department’s automated biometric identification system.

This information comes from an official with the U.S. government speaking to Defense One.

One passenger flown out to Qatar has potential ties to ISIS.

The Afghan who has potential ties to ISIS was detected by security screeners at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar after they were evacuated from Kabul Airport.

The Afghan evacuees are being screened against law enforcement databases using biometric data including facial recognition, iris scans, and fingerprints by agents with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

How many terrrorists will get through?

If you will remember, as prisoners were freed from prisons in Kabul, many of them headed in the direction of the airport.

At least 6,000 fleeing Afghans have been evacuated to Al Udeid and thousands more have been flown to other temporary staging bases throughout the Middle East and Europe by U.S. military aircraft. At those bases, Customs and Border Patrol screeners are checking evacuees’ IDs and biometric data against law enforcement databases, the official said.

Ultimately, thousands of those Afghans will come to the United States, where they will be initially housed at several military bases, such as Fort Bliss in Texas, Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, and Fort Lee in Virginia.

Biden has approved 50,000 and could approve more.

What are the chances terrorists will not be among the thousands of fleeing Afghans? Keep in mind that these are the people the Taliban allowed into the airport.

If you wanted to destroy the United States, would you do anything differently than what Biden has done? This disaster and the open borders, all of it, could have Barack Obama’s and George Soros’s fingerprints all over it.

As all this is going down, Pelosi is pushing through a human infrastructure bill that will destroy the US financially. It will destroy our immigration system. She’s also passing a voting rights act that will destroy our electoral system.

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