Reports Biden is withdrawing tonight or has withdrawn from Kabul


Earlier today, there were reports from a journalist for zeenews, a news outlet in India, that the US troops withdrew from the civilian area of the Kabul airport. Reporter Manish Shukla reports that since then they have now left the military section.

Jen Psaki was asked today if the troops were pulling out sooner and she said, “No.”

Biden said they would remain until August 31st. If this report is true, the coward is cutting and running. That is partially confirmed by Disclose TV who received the earlier report from a BBC source. They now say the US left the civilian area and the Taliban have taken part of the military area.

Also according to the report, Pakistan is running the Taliban-ruled Afghanistan government through the Haqqani Network.

The only partial confirmation is from disclose tv:

As an aside, when asked by @JenGriffinFNC why the US did not relocate ISIS-K prisoners that had been in detention in Afghanistan prior to the US military drawdown, Jen Psakisaid “thousands” of ISIS-K prisoners were freed by the Taliban as they seized prisons from Afghan forces.

The US had months to send those monsters to GITMO.

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