Report 130k ballots arrived in MI in dead of night, GOP barred from challenging – update


Update at the end. Apparently, it was just a numerical computer error. The packages coming out of a truck was a cameraman’s equipment.

A poll watcher in Michigan claims at least 130,000 ballots arrived in Michigan in the dead of night. She knows Republican poll watchers were barred. Several poll watchers were barred from entering the building and from lodging challenges, according to this woman’s anecdotal evidence.

“As they started counting the ballots, he was astonished that every single ballot, literally 100 percent of 130,000 ballots, were all Biden ballots that hadn’t been delivered to the precinct before the cut off time,” she explained.

We reported this earlier but don’t have DNA evidence of an irregularity yet although this defies credulity. (see video below)


These reports are being debunked. It was a computer typo.

FACT CHECK: A video claiming to show voter fraud and a wagon being loaded outside of the TCF Center in Detroit is actually video of a WXYZ photographer loading his camera and other gear into a wagon for work.

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