Report 2 GA Poll Workers Shredded Voter Applications


Here is something the media will keep quiet. People paper shredding voter registration applications in Fulton County?

Say it isn’t so. We were told it was the most secure election ever.

Alex Salvi, a foreign correspondent for Newsmax, reported that two people were caught shredding the applications. A state investigation is underway.

Fulton County is the place where a lot of Black Lives Matter members worked the polls.



  1. It was in that hour that Dominion decided what is best for the comrades of the unity collective.
    Dominion alone along with the CPUSA have an imperial mandate to fundamentally transform the evil racist America that no one in the world wants to come to for the free milk and honey.

  2. If the “people” ever realize what is really in store for them…and spontaneously “erupt”…hope they do not forget the criminals that perpetrated the entire mess and their ‘more than complicit’ accomplices in the corrupt MSM…

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