Report China is blackmailing Macron, medical supplies for a deal with Huawei


Rep. Mark Green told Leland Vittert on Fox News on Sunday that Chinese Communist President Xi Jinping had used a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron to try to coerce the French into a deal with Huawei Technologies Ltd. Huawei is the Chinese technology giant with deep ties to Xi’s government.

Macron asked for help with medical supplies for coronavirus (the pandemic that China caused). Emperor Xi tied help to him accepting a deal with Huawei’s business future in Europe.


Huawei is accused of serving as an arm of the Chinese military. Huawei is operating under U.S. sanctions since May 2019 for allegedly violating U.S. sanctions on Iran

The Associated Press reports that the sanctions on Huawei were aimed, in part, at hurting the company in the race to the next generation of wireless technology known as “5G.”

The company is also at the heart of the now years-long trade conflict between the United States and China, according to the AP.

“Huawei is at the center of tensions with Washington over China’s technology ambitions and possible spying that helped to spark Trump’s tariff war with Beijing in 2018,” the AP reported last week.

Huawei is allegedly a spy tool of the Corrupt Chinese Government that wants to dominate and control the world. They already have control of our medications and our supply chains.

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