Report Fox News Teams with Media Matters to Get Tucker & It’s a Flop


Fox ‘News’ continues its assault on Tucker Carlson in an attempt to make him look unemployable. It’s not working, and their ratings continue to dive as they appeal to the crowd that’s not their viewers. They are reportedly teaming with the NY Times and Media Matters to destroy Tucker’s reputation. If true, that would mean they are joining forces with their worst enemies, who they are now trying to befriend.

When Fox News isn’t out to get Donald Trump, they’re out to get Tucker Carlson. Before Rush Limbaugh became ill, he said Fox News had nothing to offer us anymore. The man who joked he was more than 99% right was right again. He saw Fox was moving toward the subservient lapdog media, who only respond to donors.

Fox News denies leaking to Media Matters, but how else is Fox getting these behind the scene phone calls and private jokes? The NY Times is getting a slew of leaks also.

A recent example yesterday is when Media Matters Senior Fellow Matthew Gertz posted a video of Carlson joking about a woman looking “yummy”: “Just kidding, in case this is being pulled off the bird… Hey, Media Matters for America, go f**k yourself! That’s the first thing I want to say tonight.”

Bill Schmitt went over the issue last night:

We posted the worst of the comments so far and some responses. The postings are so obviously meant to destroy Tucker, and the two people who want that most are Media Matters and Fox News.

This is supposed to make him look bad as Media Matters’ Matthew Gertz self-owns.

This next one is from a group of leftists pretending to be conservatives. They have a Fox-leaked-to-Times text in which Tucker expresses his momentary feelings. They call it an exhibit. It’s an exhibit of a brief moment in time when – like everyone else – you have a bad thought. And then take it back because you know what’s right.

Responses to this honest moment:

I love him even more

Antifa are terrorists and they would not hesistate to keep punching if they were 3 to 1. The point of the text is that sanity prevailed. Tucker Carlson upset the narrative.

That’s critical thinking.

What portion of that would be the cause for his firing? The part where he wished an Antifa member would be killed? Or the part where he felt empathy?

He joked and cursed about the slimy lawyer for Dominion grilling him. If you’ve met a slimy lawyer, you understand this:

The responses to the last one weren’t what Gertz wanted. They went on and on like this. Media Matters and Fox don’t understand his audience.

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