Report J6 police were responsible for the death of a second protester


Roseanne Boyland

Julie Kelly of American Greatness reported that not one, but TWO unarmed female Trump supporters were killed by police on January 6.

She reports that most of the violent clashes between police and protesters on January 6 occurred inside and outside the west terrace tunnel. That is according to Federal records. Dozens of people were arrested for what happened in and out of the tunnel.

That is also where Georgia woman Roseanne Boyland died. While the death was ruled an accidental drug overdose, a sworn statement in a motion filed last month in the case of Jacob Lang provides jaw-dropping details on police behavior in the moments before and after Boyland, 34, died, Kelly writes.


Phillip Anderson, imprisoned since January, accused the police of using excessive force and toxic gas, not tear gas, something much worse.

He said police were pushing the mob and dousing them with the gas as bodies fell on top of each other. Boyland was crushed and lost consciousness. People tried to administer CPR as police repeatedly hit them over the head.

Anderson was pulled to safety by Jacob Lang. That’s where his account ends.

Kelly’s report picks up at that point with accounts from Officers Gonell and Dunn, two of the crybaby celebrity cops.

“In the Crypt, I encountered Sergeant Gonell, who was giving assistance to an unconscious woman who had been in the crowd of rioters on the west side of the Capitol,” Dunn said in his prepared remarks on July 27. “I helped to carry her to the House Majority Leader’s office, where she was administered CPR.”

Sgt. Gonell said he gave her CPR at 4:26 pm.

However, at 4:26 pm, Boyland was stretched on her side, not moving, near the tunnel’s entrance. Her friend, Justin Winchell, was desperately screaming her name. “Roseanne! Roseanne!” He repeatedly asks for help. “She’s dead! She’s dead!”

For the next few moments, unidentified individuals tried to give Boyland CPR. “[R]ioters… attempted but failed to resuscitate her,” a New York Times investigative report disclosed on January 28. “They then carried her back to the police battling rioters at the doorway, who moved her into the Capitol Rotunda, where paramedics eventually reached her.” One eyewitness said, “by the time that they decided to pick the person up and give them to a police officer, she had blue lips and blood was coming out of her nose.”

When paramedics arrived, according to a January 15 Times article, “two Capitol Police officers in the Rotunda [were] performing CPR on Ms. Boyland.” Officer Gonell was one.

Did she die of an overdose or was it the strange, unnamed toxic gas?

Kelly believes that is why they won’t release all the footage and why they attempted to turn Officers Gonell and Dunn into heroes. They helped cover it all up — Gonell was one of the cops beating people.

However, the situation was very chaotic and the rioters were violent. Kelly said the cops were beating them and that’s why they became violent. We need to see more videos. Things are not always what they seem. That State is keeping 14,000 hours of video secret.


Furthermore, this is how it started. Who were these people? FBI-tied? Antifa? Why don’t we know if they were Trump supporters?

Why do we never see this J6 video?

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