Report Obama Sold Uranium One Deal by Misleading At Least One Congressman


Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, wrote in a letter to the Energy Department and the Regulatory Commission that he was repeatedly misled by the Obama administration about a Russian company’s ability to export uranium.

Barrasso wants to know more about the sale of Uranium One and how uranium made its way out of the country.

“Beginning in 2012, Uranium One exported U.S. uranium by ‘piggy-backing’ as a supplier on an export license” held by a shipping company, Barrasso wrote.

In 2011, then-NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko assured the senator that the companies did not hold a specific “NRC export license” and would not be able to export uranium from the U.S. without one.

The Hill reported last month and the NY Times reported in 2014 that “yellow cake uranium” was approved for sale out of the country to Canada. We know that from there it went to Europe and possibly Asia.

The Hill report described an alternative way of approving those exports. It said that the NRC, rather than grant a direct export to Rosatom, in 2012 “authorized an amendment to an existing export license” for a trucking firm “to simply add Uranium One to the list of clients whose uranium it could move to Canada.”

Barrasso said he was misled by Jaczko.

The Department of Energy also lied and “chose to hide its role in approving exports,” by claiming at the time the issue did not fall within its “purview.”

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5 years ago

Barrasso has a screw loose to have ever trusted this deal. We needed him to protect our nation back then, not cover for himself now. If he is a man of integrity, then why not demand a real criminal investigation, and urge Sessions to quit if he will not.

Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
5 years ago

Don’t know who is lying, but someone is, if not all of ’em. What I do know is that there are people in government making a lot of money and creating a lot of misery in the world. The “Russians” are not helping either.

In the meantime, our politicians and bureauRATS pick through our bones and continue their corrupt ways. It’s why the ORIGINAL FOUNDERS attempted to limit the powers of the national and state governments.

It’s taken a few hundred years, but the money has become so big, power continues to corrupt. Regrettably, it’s just the way it always works.


Get right with God, friends, and live frugally.

Jim Hawkins
5 years ago

Obama joins the long list of despicable criminals associated with the selling of American uranium to our enemies! He should be investigated by independent agencies and sent to prison…if not shot between the eyes!

Obama is a treasonous, anti-American son of a bitch!

5 years ago

What happened to the informant on the uranium one deal? I have been hoping that he had some really good dirt to bring down Obama, Hillary, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe and who ever else involved

Jim Hawkins
5 years ago
Reply to  Zigmont

Maybe murderous Hillary had him commit suicide.