Report of Insane CRT and Gender Identity Training of Armed Forces


The Biden administration has launched extensive diversity and equity initiatives in the military. According to a new GOP investigative report, they are using the anti-American and racist critical race theory and gender identity insanity.

This insane training only makes sense if they want to weaken the Armed Forces.

“Our military’s singular purpose is to “provide for the common defense of our nation,” the report said. “It cannot be turned into a left-wing social experiment. It cannot be used as a cudgel against America itself. And it cannot be paralyzed by fear of offending the sensibilities of Ivy League faculty lounges or progressive pundits.

“The world is a dangerous place, and the Biden administration’s insanity is eroding our greatest source of security in it.”

The report from Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, details how the military has allocated resources to root out extremism. They are doing it by promoting very extreme leftist ideas on race and gender.

This includes documentation on how military employees promoted critical race theory and espouse anti-White views.

This is insane.


A report from the Biden administration, “Countering Extremist Activity Working Group,” later identified fewer than 100 cases of extremism from the 2.1 million active forces, a rate of .005%.

The report finds that instructors at military academies use “antiracist” approaches that direct soldiers to center their understanding of American society on an acknowledgment of its racist past and present, the report said.

It emphasized insane CRT instruction to allegedly root out extremism. Their approach to rooting out racism is to teach people to hate white people.

Sen. Rubio said these race-based initiatives are a distraction and danger to American security.

“Rather than making the case for American greatness and protecting our nation, the military is parroting woke nonsense,” Rubio told Fox News Digital. “It’s dumb, it doesn’t work, and it’s dangerous. We need to spend more time thinking about how to counter Chinese aircraft carriers and less time thinking about pronouns.”

The people the administration appoints are loons.

Kelisa Wing, the chief diversity equity and inclusivity officer at the Department of Defense, has tweeted she is “exhausted with these White folx” and suggested Black people are incapable of racism.

Bishop Garrison, a diversity officer, pushes critical race theory and the fake history of the 1619 Project. 1619 falsely claims that slavery is at the core of American history. It claims the US began in 1619, not 1776.

Who in the world would want to fight for the US after they are told all white people are racist? Worse than that, they are told the country was only built on hate and racism.

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