Report: Rocket attack near Kabul Airport, NATO has ended evacuations


Update: The explosion near the airport was reportedly the US blowing up a van filled with explosives.

Reportedly, NATO has ended evacuations. There is also a report of a rocket attack near the Hamid Karzai International Airport (video below).

The website for the US Embassy in Afghanistan is still telling Americans to stay away from the Kabul airport — the only way out of Afghanistan via evacuation right now.

NATO has reportedly ended evacuations.

According to a NY Times reporter and mid-East editor, Herbert Bushsbaum, NATO issued the following statement:

We regret to inform you that international military evacuations from Kabul airport have ended and we are no longer able to call anyone forward for evacuation flights. We will keep lists of all of you who have registered ….

Glenn Beck posted a statement that the Kabul airport is “finished. No more humanitarian flights.”

The Embassy will keep lists of people who applied, however. [Maybe they could give them to our new friends in the Taliban.]

However, Jake Sullivan believes there is still time and the Americans can hold off the terrorists.

Will they beg harder?

“We believe there’s still an opportunity for American citizens to jump to the airport, get on planes and get home,” Sullivan told host Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“After August 31st, any person in the country who is an American citizen or a legal permanent resident, who is an [Special Immigrant Visa] holder or otherwise, we will work to ensure their safe passage out of the country to the United States,” he added.

Lara Logan’s theory seems possible:

There was another blast near the Kabul Airport at about 5:20 pm Kabul time. It might have been a rocket attack.

A residential property was struck near the airport, although one child was reported dead.

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