Report Says US Has Awarded Refugee Status to Terrorists


According to The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the “robust” vetting of the U.S. government still favors lying refugees scamming the asylum/refugee system. The allegedly advanced vetting system that was put in place after 9/11 isn’t all that great.

Since there are no records in countries like Somalia, the screeners give them the benefit of the doubt. In 2013, for example, two Ethiopians terrorists filed refugee applications claiming to be Somalian. There were no records so the two terrorists received refugee status and their families came over as well. As it happens, they were members of al-Shabaab, funneling money to terrorists still in Africa.

You have to be a psychopath to be in that terror group.

The CIS researcher, Todd Bensman reports that these liars still succeed in coming in as so-called ‘refugees’.

The report gave three examples of what’s getting into our country as a ‘refugee’ in the report.


George Z. Rafidi, a Texas resident, was born in Ramallah and had a terrorist background. He was arrested on charges of operating illegal slot machine casinos. Since April 2018, he has also been federally charged with covering up his terrorist activities on applications for asylum in 2000, lawful permanent residence in 2003, and U.S. citizenship in 2012.

Mahmad Shakir, a member of the PLO, is a convicted terrorist who became a U.S. citizen. No one checked his background and he hid his real birth name.

Mohamed Osam and Zeinab Mohamad, were members of al-Shabaab and lied about who they were, claiming they were Somalis since there are no records to check in that country. Based on their lies, their entire families are living as legal permanent residents.

In another report, a Jordanian living in Mexico just pleaded guilty to smuggling six Yemenis over the Texas border. The prosecutor explained this is a “grave security risk,” which is nothing more than common sense. The disingenuous defense claimed it was “political posturing.” They’ll say anything. The defense even suggested it was anti-Muslim.

Who knows how many others are coming through.

What could possibly go wrong?

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